The 3 Best Gluten Free Places in Vancouver

Vancouver is known to be a health city with sensible people about nutrition education, different from another cities where you have to try and search hard to find a place that serves Gluten Free options, Vancouver is full of places where you can find a diversity of options, but here you will find the 3 best places and why they are the hot spots in Vancouver.

1- The Acorn
The Acorn is a Vegan and Gluten free restaurant at Main Street, with a variety of delicious vegan plates, even the ones that has gluten, the chef gives you the chance to change for gluten free options.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.59.49 PM

Carrot Soup, Beluga Lentils, Carrot Top Pesto and Paprika Groutons, from The Acorn. (Photo from Website) 

The Acorn was considered the 2º best vegetarian restaurant by the Daily Meal. With a enjoyable environment and great service The Acorn make gluten free food as good as any other gourmet plate.

2- The Lemonade Bakery
The Lemonade Bakery started by the Chef Tracy Kadonoff, who was working 18 years with gluten based flour when she developed a gluten intolerance and could no longer work and eat gluten.

“I decided to try and get a job in a gluten free bakery in Vancouver, but I couldn’t really find any.”

After starting to make gluten free recipes at home with a blend of other kind of flour, she felt that she was doing pretty good with her gluten free baking and decided to open her own Gluten Free Bakery.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.56.49 PM

Chocolate and Butter Croissant from The Lemonade Bakery. (Photo from Website)

The Lemonade Bakery is located at Cambie Street and is proud for be a neighborhood shop serving up all the kinds of bake food, all in Gluten free versions.

3- Float On
Float On is a lovely coffee shop at Fraser Street, all about gluten free products.
Besides the baked goods, the Float On offers a variety of sandwiches with house made bread and all kind of crepes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.38.04 PM

Cucumber, Tomato and Cheese Sandwiches from the Float On Bakeshop. (Photo from Website)

The Float On also offers delivery and special orders for holidays and celebration dates.

The number of people with Gluten Intolerance has growing fast the last few years, and if there is one place in earth that a celiac person would feel comfortable and not excluded, this place is Vancouver.

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Pets in Vancouver

Exercise to create and upload a Chart to describe an information.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.53.31 PM

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Skillshare begins the new way to learning


Few months ago I was searching for some illustrator tutorial on internet, when I found the Skillshare website, where professionals were being teachers and developing a great learning community for people who are interested to learn and evolve their creativity beyond any circumstances.


Picture from the Skillshare Blog where the author Nicole Kamra talks about what new instructors could do to create their first video class.

We can find on youtube a lot of people putting their classes or sort of tutorials online, which it is a way for learning, but also a very traditional way, and sometimes with this tutorials you end up don’t having the same support that you would have from a teacher in a classroom.  With skillshare, in most of their classes, the student is working in a project as going through the classes, and can send e-mails, post it their work, change experience and doubts with the community.

“Skillshare is a learning community for creators”

Skillshare was funded in New York city, in 2011, by 11 people whom come up with a idea to create a more interactive method of education, there is more than 1 million students subscribed and almost 3.000 classes available.

To sign up and join the community the students would have three options, they can just sign up and watch some certain classes for free, or they have the chance to pay for one year or one month of unlimited classes to watch.

The professionals and artists who are sharing their skills can make money too, because each class that the artists or professionals are getting new subscribers they are getting a percentage of the subscription fee, what gives them a incentive to create more videos.

The website is full of videos, showing how the community work, and everything that you can do joying this community.

In the future, I see many people sharing their creativity, learning a new profession and helping other people find their own creativity and talent, and Skillshare is the beginning of it.

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Canada is lowering their vote age for 16 years old.

This thursday Don Davies, the NDP member for Vancouver Kingsway, brought to House of Commons a private member’s bill to aprove to lower the age voting to 16 years old.

As a lot of young Canadians are already working and paying taxes, Davis think that they should have the right to vote.

Nancy Deol, a student, 21 years old, from White rock has a optimistic opinion about bringing the young people out to vote, she said:

“You can’t say whether or not if 16 years old are mature enough to vote, I think the whole idea of letting younger people vote is to do with their future and what they are bringing out”

Nancy also pointed that giving the opportunity to vote will make young people more interested about politics.

Taylor Dergousoff, a BCIT student, think the respond of young people about politics would be mixed, some people would be interest and some people would take as a joke, Tyler thinks that most of young people would be

“I fell like their role models, their parents, their older family members would influence their decision”

In other hand Petrina de Souza, 28 years old, a journalism student at BCIT said “if they consider youngsters to vote, they will understand that the youth are the future, so they would know what they want and maybe based in that, they can work in more a
progressive country.”

The last election was prove that the young people are getting more into politics, and have more conscience how important politics is for their future.

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Mexican Visitor in Vancouver Beach



Guadalupe Fur Seal has being treated at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue. Photo VanAqua


Last Thursday a great team from Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Parks Canada and a reasearch associate from Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Center found and rescued a Guadalupe Fur Seal from a beach within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

He had been transfered and rescued he was sent to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Center for a intesive treatment.


Dr. Martin Haulena from the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Centre.


“He is in poor condition, emaciated and Dehydrated”, said head veterinarian at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Centre. “Although he is very lethargic and has no interest in food at this time, he’s responiveand aware of his surroundings.”


Scietists think the warmer waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean could be a possible cause for the strandings.


Guadalupe Island in Mexico is where the Furs breeds and procreate. You can see how far this fur had travel to end up here in Vancouver. 

After being admitted and treated by the satff of  Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Center where DFO and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve are pleased to collaborate to ensure the seal, rare for this region, receives the care necessary.

The Furs were hunted almost to extinction in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and you can have more information about the seals in the Marine Bio.

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Photo Gallerie about Night Classes at BCIT

This gallery contains 5 photos.

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Photo Practice

Class about how to take good shots and upload in to your blog.
Using a picture from your phone, from web and taking a print screen from a website.


Sky and soccer field at Wildermere School. (Bruna Padilha)


Image from Google Maps 


Image from the movie Anomalisa, by Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman.

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